11 Types of Aquarium Algae

Aquarium algae are simple, plant-like organisms that thrive in water and generate their energy through photosynthesis. These organisms are a common and natural part of any aquatic ecosystem, including aquariums. They come in a variety of forms and colors, ranging from green, brown, red to black, and can grow in diverse patterns and locations within an aquarium.

1. Green Spot Algae

2. Green Dust Algae

3. Green Hair Algae

4. Green Water

5. Brown Algae (Diatoms)

6. Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria)

7. Red Algae (Brush Algae)

8. Black Beard Algae (BBA)

9. Staghorn Algae

10. Fuzz Algae

11. Thread Algae

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